The Geological Museum - Grade 2

As part of their ‘Earth, Land, and Water’ theme, Grade 2 went out and visited the incredible Geological Museum of China to learn more about our planet and what it is hiding beneath its surface.

At first, staff guided them through the many exhibitions, teaching them about rocks, gems, minerals, erosion, geological history, fossils, and much more. Of course, the fossils (including dinosaurs) was a unanimous favourite amongst the students!

The students were then given the opportunity to look around the museum at their own pace. During this time they were able to document anything of interest them on their iPads, to be able to discuss in more detail back at school.

On the way to the museum, some students confided in us by admitting they thought the museum was going to be a ‘bit boring‘. However, considering how they gazed upon some of Earth’s most hidden secrets, we believe they proved themselves wrong.