Middle School Musical – 2024

This was the first year that the middle school has ever put on a musical and they hit a home run with their adaptation of ‘All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten’.

May Fair – 2024

Thousands of students, parents, families, and members of the public descended onto our grounds to enjoy another spectacular May Fair with huge numbers of stalls, performances, and so much more!

Spirit Week & The Wolf Cup

Wow, the last couple of weeks have been jam-packed fun for the whole school! It all started with the Wolf Cup to crown the best of the school in football, volleyball, badminton, and basketball.

G5 National History Competition Champions

Recently, Max (G5S) and Ryan (G5P) competed in the National History Day competition in Shanghai. They were in different teams but we are incredibly proud to report that they came 1st and 2nd in the junior bracket! Listen to their story below!

Club Fair – Middle School

With over 100 extra curricular clubs and activities across the school, it is always an important time when all of the clubs band together to try to recruit new members for the new semester.

BWYA Concert – March 2024

This BWYA concert combined three entire concerts all into one, creating an absolutely jam packed music extravaganza! The audience was treated to three times more super talented students than ever before!

International Day at the Primary School

International Day at the Primary School As an international school, we take very seriously our duty to promote cross-cultural exchanges and learning opportunities. In an era when isolationism appears to be taking hold globally, we want our students to be those who will reach out and themselves be the bridge across the waters of disdain and insensitivity.   As Chinese President Xi […]

Every Day is Earth Day

Every Day is Earth Day The 22nd April was the 51st Earth Day. This year, the theme was ‘Treasure the earth, people and nature living in harmony’. As we continue facing the worldwide impact of an epidemic, it was a great opportunity to think about our relationship with nature, and how we can help. In […]

Debate Spirit at BWYA

On Saturday 7th December, seven international schools’ speech and debate teams gathered at BWYA to speak, perform, and debate against each other. The competition was fierce; each round of performances was stronger and more brilliant than the last. But in the end, BWYA prevailed – our middle school and high school teams both won first […]

Ideas worth spreading with TEDx at BWYA

After the recent TEDx event hosted at our performing arts centre, we had some time to meet up with the four event organisers, Hannah Xu, Natalie Fang, Esther Yang, and Spring Xia – all students in the final year of the DP programme.   The event, first organised by Hannah last year, brought together a number of students and staff from international schools around Beijing, as they grappled with the […]