The BWYA Concert

This BWYA concert combined three entire concerts all into one, creating an absolutely jam packed music extravaganza! The audience was treated to three times more super talented students than ever before! 

We were fortunate to meet our Head of Arts, Mr Rues, and some of the soloists before the event. They offered some insight into what it is like preparing for a concert like this and their feelings about their musical journey so far.

Ian, one of our incredibly talented pianists, offered some advice for young and aspiring musicians to be as successful as they can be.

The most important thing is to be really interested in music, not just your parents or teaches wanting you to perform. Actually finding the passion for music is so important. It will give you support when you are practicing or composing and when you are facing problems you can use these passions to overcome them.

In total there was 21 performances by 16 different acts over the two hour concert. There may never been another BWYA concert quite as full as this one but we can only hope that future concerts will be quite as memorable.

Well done to all involved for creating such a special evening, especially the students that had to overcome fear and anxiety to perform to such a large crowd!