G7 Trip - China National Arts & Crafts Museum

As part of their Art studies, Grade 7 ventured out to the National Arts & Crafts Museum on Tuesday. There they discovered the pinnacle of traditional art and got to try out some of these techniques for themselves!

As you can see from the video above, they were able to etch their own designs into small slabs of Jade and create their own pendants using traditional methods. You will also be able to see that a lot of the paint and ink went onto their hands… but that’s all in the name of creativity!

The rest of the time was spent looking through the various exhibitions throughout the museum. To help motivate the students to get out and see everything, they were given a ‘scavenger hunt’ where they had to find out facts and information about 6 different art pieces.

Overall, the museum was a nice change of pace for the Grade 7 students and hopefully gave some of them the passion and drive to reach for these incredibly high standards.