DP2 Visual Arts Exhibition

After two long years of work, the DP2 Visual Arts students have finished their exhibition on ‘Humanness’. We caught up with a couple of them to find out all about the programme and what makes them so passionate about art. Watch the video below to see what they had to say!

All week, students and staff of all ages have been browsing through this impressive exhibition and it’s been incredible to see the DP students interact with these people, potentially igniting the spark in the next generation of Visual Arts representatives.

There are those of us who struggle to interpret the meaning behind some of the more abstract pieces of visual art but Hanze Zhang, one of our DP2 Students had this to say in his interview.

"Feel it from the bottom of your heart...It's not only about what you visually see, it's about how you combine this art with your experience. From that connection you can go deeper."

Whatever your taste, this year’s exhibition was a varied and emotive collection of pieces from a group of very talented artists.