G6 Settlements Dioramas

In Individuals and Societies, Grade 6 have been working on their Settlements unit. In this unit, they had to create a settlement diorama to show some sort of ancient settlements from anywhere in the world.

International Day At BWYA 2024

This International Day celebration at BWYA was the first time the entire school got to celebrate the international community together. The day began with a poignant speech by our very own Principal of Primary – Mr Sharpe, followed by a fantastic day of activities throughout BWYA.

DP2 Visual Arts Exhibition

After two long years of work, the DP2 Visual Arts students have finished their exhibition on ‘Humanness’. We caught up with a couple of them to find out all about the programme and what makes them so passionate about art. Watch the video below to see what they had to say!

Grade 9 – Summative Drama Performance

As part of their drama course, the grade 9 drama students were asked to put on a performance for a large number of their classmates. We spoke to the stars of the show to get some insight into this assessment and to find out why drama is so important to them.

G5 National History Competition Champions

Recently, Max (G5S) and Ryan (G5P) competed in the National History Day competition in Shanghai. They were in different teams but we are incredibly proud to report that they came 1st and 2nd in the junior bracket! Listen to their story below!

G7 Trip – China National Arts & Crafts Museum

As part of their Art studies, Grade 7 ventured out to the National Arts & Crafts Museum on Tuesday. There they discovered the pinnacle of traditional art and got to try out some of these techniques for themselves!

World Book Day – Primary School

World Book Day is back! The students from Upper & Lower Primary got to dress up again as some of their favourite characters from their favourite works of fiction. Take a look at some of the incredible costumes and meet some of the students in the video below!

Club Fair – Middle School

With over 100 extra curricular clubs and activities across the school, it is always an important time when all of the clubs band together to try to recruit new members for the new semester.

BWYA Concert – March 2024

This BWYA concert combined three entire concerts all into one, creating an absolutely jam packed music extravaganza! The audience was treated to three times more super talented students than ever before!

The Geological Museum – Grade 2

As part of their ‘Earth, Land, and Water’ theme, Grade 2 went out and visited the incredible Geological Museum of China to learn more about our planet and what it is hiding beneath its surface.