Uniform Sales

BWYA Online Uniform Service

Dear parents,

Our online uniform service will start on August 19th. All uniform will be sold online and be delivered to your home.

There are currently two uniform suppliers helping BWYA with this service. You can scan the QR codes below to enter the purchase page and buy uniform for your child.




Girls white shirt (long slvs) 女长袖白衬衫 110

Girls white shirt (short slvs) 女短袖白衬衫 110

Boys white shirt (long slvs) 男长袖白衬衫 110

Boys white shirt (short slvs) 男短袖白衬衫 110

IB Girls Black Trousers 四季黑色长裤(女)(IB) 160

IB Boys Black Trousers 四季黑色长裤(男)(IB) 160

Blue Short 蓝色短裤 160

Winter Tracksuit – Set 冬季体育套装 290

Winter Tracksuit – Trousers only 冬季体育长裤 150

Summer PE suit 夏季运动短装 200

Winter coat 冬季冲锋衣 880

Grey Hooded Jumper 灰色羊毛帽衫 180

Grey T-Shirt 灰色狼头T-shirt 90

IB POLO(Black) POLO衫 (黑) 90

IB POLO(White) POLO衫 (白) 90

IPC Polo 短袖POLO(IPC) 100

IPC Girls Black Trousers 四季黑色长裤(女)(IPC) 160

IPC Boys Black Trousers 四季黑色长裤(男)(IPC) 160

Tie (long) 领带(大) 60

Tie (short) 领带(小) 60

Swimming Cap 泳帽 45

Portable Tableware 便携餐具 35

Scan Image, click "Mall", password: bwyawolves
扫描后,点击底部“商城(Mall)”, 点击世青图标, 密码:bwyawolves

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