Find out more about our tuition fees for the 2017 – 2018 academic year


Programme Grade Full Payment Installments
IPC K – 5 160,000 113,000 49,000
IB MYP 6 – 8 170,000 120,000 52,000
IB MYP 9 -10 180,000 127,000 55,000
IB DP 11-12 200,000 141,000 61,000
IN 6 – 8 160,000 113,000 49,000
IN 9 -10 170,000 120,000 52,000
Course 11-12 180,000 127,000 55,000
    • Tuition is to be paid in full or in two instalments as indicated in the above table.
    • A sibling’s discount of 15% of the tuition is offered to parents for their second child, and 30% for additional siblings
    • Discounted tuition must be paid in full.


Fees Grade Amount
 Textbooks 1 – 5 1,500
6 – 8 2,500
9 – 10 3,000
Locker 100
Library Card 200
Chinese 100/Year
Foreign 600/Year
  • Deposits will be refunded when a student leaves the school.


Registration New Student fee
1,800 2,500
  • The Registration Fee covers the cost of processing the application.
  • The New Student Fee includes uniform items, school backpack, water bottle, and other items


School bus ( Designated Routes )
8,000 – 13, 000 / Year
All school fees are quoted in RMB
Download The School Fees in PDF

Payment Methods

Cash Cheque Telegraphic Transfer
Pay at the Finace Office Payable to 北京世青国际学校
Account Name:
Account Number:
Bank Name:
Yansha East Beijing Branch Office of China Construction Bank
Swift Code:
  • The full name of the respective student needs to be noted on the remittance. In order to record the payment promptly, the remittance needs to be faxed to BWYA finance office, at +8610-6461-7717.
  • Any bank charges must be borne by the remitter.
  • Fees are due by the date indicated on the invoice.
  • Seats will not be reserved for students whose school fees are outstanding.
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for payment of school fees by the due date, even in cases where payment is subsidised by a third party.
  • BWYA reserves the right to interpret and adjust the school fees at its discretion.


If you are interested in enrolling your child at BWYA, please contact us to
make an appointment with our Admissions Office.
We would be pleased to show you around the school and assist you
through the application process.