Wangjing Campus

Thanksgiving at BWYA

Last week, all of our campuses had a distinctly North American flavour, as we celebrated Thanksgiving! Although hidden amongst the turkey were some excellent Chinese treats as well…

As an international school, we enjoy celebrating all cultures and their special events, so as is the American tradition – on the fourth Thursday in November, organised by our fantastic Parent Teacher Association (PTA), we held some fantastic Thanksgiving feasts for both our students and teachers across the BWYA family.

Between mouthfuls of excellent food, we found some time to take a few shots, why not have a look below!

Lido Campus

Pauline Wong - PTA Liaison

One of the biggest events the PTA parents organise each year is the Thanksgiving event, which is for giving thanks to the teachers and staff of BWYA for their hard work. Since it started in 2015, it has only gotten bigger and better each year, joining hands with the KPA Korean representatives.

At the secondary school campuses, traditional turkeys and pumpkin pies were present and accompanied with a few international twists. Parents brought their home-cooked specialties to share, including the Korean kimbab(紫菜包饭), Yangzhou fried rice (扬州炒饭), Thai curry chicken (泰式绿咖喱鸡), Guizhou huangba (贵州黄粑), Yunnan ham (云南手作火腿), Xinjiang fried lamb with cumin (新疆孜然羊肉)and Italian pizza(意大利比萨), just to name a few.

At the primary school campuses, parents shared the turkeys and pumpkin pies with the students as well as the teachers. Older students wrote messages to thank the people they wanted to thank most and younger students made paper turkey hats with their teachers and parents.


Upper Primary

Lower Primary

Many thanks to the PTA Thanksgiving committee members and Pauline Wong for making this event a memorable one for all teachers and staff!

*Photos courtesy of PTA and BWYA Communications