Student Council Fundraiser for Shanxi–Gansu Education

The Student Council started off the year of the pig by donating 1,200 RMB to support the Roundabout Shanxi – Gansu Education project. 1,200 RMB was raised through the Student Council’s fourth activity this year – Christmas Sales. Christmas Sales was inspired by the Student Council’s new theme for Christmas, ‘Sharing Happiness’. The Student Council raised funds by selling candy canes, Milkis, chocolates, and ginger-bread men during lunch time. Despite only being held for three lunch periods, the supportive BWYA student body and Student Council were able to complete the activity as a great success. Being students ourselves, the Student Council decided to share our happiness through giving a very special gift to a child in Shanxi, for education. The accumulated small acts of kindness from the BWYA student body enabled us to fund an elementary student’s school fees, stationery and living costs for one full year. The Student Council is looking forward to holding a number of fund raising activities to share happiness with more students in the future.

President of the Student Council, Spring Xia (centre), donating 1,200 RMB to Roundabout Shanxi – Gansu Education Project.

Content and photograph provided by BWYA Student Council.