Staying Active at Home

Recently,  staying active and healthy has become one of the biggest challenges for  families around the world. At BWYA however, we are very fortunate to  have the input from our professional team of PE teachers. Along with  regular activities,  our students have been given many varied projects to work on, helping  them to stay positive and healthy. Additionally, for the entire  e-learning period, we have even had an after-school live workout on  offer, enjoyed by many students and staff. 

We recently found some time to talk with the Head of Primary Physical Education, Mr. Nabil Zafati, about how they have adapted their teaching for this period, and how the students have found staying active at home. “Most of our students have been really working hard and responding well to the  activities and tasks assigned. One thing I have been doing with my  classes is to send them fun workout videos, like dance, Zumba and  fitness.”

Motivation is also an important topic, without the encouragement from peers around you, or the enjoyment of exercise outside, it can be difficult to stay positive sometimes. Mr. Zafati had this helpful advice, “I think it’s always nice to work out and exercise while having fun. At the beginning of this online marathon, I sent them posters about the benefits of physical education, and uploaded a lot of visuals to enhance the idea and to motivate them to keep exercising.”

Similarly, at the secondary school the students have had a great range of activities to work on. In particular, the Grade 6 students have been learning Capoeira, Grade 7 Jiu-Jitsu, Grade 8 developing warm up tutorials, Grade 9 jump rope with six elements displayed, and Grade 10 have been doing online group dance performances. In these latest units, students work at home based on the guidelines given by the teachers, and record videos for feedback.

The Head of Secondary Physical Education, Mr. Mirko Mirkovic, also shared with us, “Under the guidance of their teachers, the secondary school students have made home training plans, and then submit reflections and feedback every week. As they say, give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, you feed him for life. In addition to sharing fitness skills and knowledge, we also hope that the students can use what they have learned, to understand how to exercise properly and cultivate their own healthy habits, habits they can keep for life.”

We hope you are keeping active and healthy during this period, above we’ve assembled a short video highlighting some of our students’ hard work. Why not have a go yourself?!