Singing to the Front Lines

Recently, a video rendition of ‘Let the world be filled with love’ has been warming the hearts of the many medical staff fighting on the front lines of the epidemic. The wholehearted expression of admiration and thankfulness for those heading into the fray is clear for all to see.

This video was recorded by the Grade 2 students of BWYA, edited by parents, and has since been shared with 80 medical teams, over 200 hospitals’ doctors in Hubei, along with epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan, Li Lanjuan and internet celebrity Wang Yong, bringing both encouragement and strength.
“In our ethics class, we wanted to do something related to the epidemic, and inspired by People’s Daily’s content, came up with the idea of the group singing. At that time, I never thought the idea would receive so much positivity from other parents and students, voluntarily giving up their time and recordings. When the video was finished and shared with everyone, we were all very moved”, BWYA Primary School teacher Ms. Song shared with us. “For the children, singing together in this chorus gave them an opportunity to vicariously experience the epidemic, helping them develop empathy and care. Additionally, it helped them see their part in forming the rearguard in the battle against the virus.”
After watching the video, medical staff shared that seeing the children offer their support and encouragement, was a truly heart-warming and moving moment. One of the doctors commented, “Thank you children for your warm and honest blessings, you’ve given us the best singing and encouragement!”

A response from the medical workers

“Our children shouldn’t be those who only learn from inside, never looking out of the windows”, one of the parents involved commented. “In the future, looking back at these moments, surely we will be able to see their imprint in our children’s growth.” And it is surely true, that having witnessed the care and efforts of front line medical staff, that we can look forward to the future growth that is sure to develop from this seemingly small seed.

At BWYA, we are certainly looking forward to this future, and as a school are committed to helping every young child to grow as empathetic, down-to-earth, and generous students.

Finally, we would like to add our thoughts and blessings to the children’s, with the lyrics of the song dedicated to all those working tirelessly on the front lines of this epidemic.

Tenderly holding your face 
To wipe away you tears 
My heart always belongs to you 
Tell me you’ll never be alone 
Looking deeply into you eyes 
No need to say another word 
Holding tightly onto your hands 
This warmth will never ever change 
Together we share joy 
We share the same sorrow 
And we have the same aspiration 
Together we strive 
Together we dream 
We treasure the same love in our hearts 
No matter if we know each other 
No matter if you’re here or far away 
Let us pray with sincerity 
To wish you peace and happiness.

*Special thanks to Grade 2 Miliy Zhou’s mother for sharing the video with medical staff, along with Smile Li’s father, and Sofia Lu’s mother for their efforts in producing this video.