Recognising Excellence at BWYA

At BWYA we encourage students to strive for excellence in both academics and personal growth. As such, along with our diverse curriculum we also have a rigorous and generous scholarship programme. There are two kinds of scholarships at the secondary school – the Excellence Scholarship for Grades 9-12, and new this year, the Special Talent Scholarship for Grades 6-11.  

Unlike other scholarship systems, at BWYA we seek to reward all students with excellent results. The number of recipients is not limited to only the top students, instead all students meeting the requirements are rewarded. This year, one in five of the High School students are receiving scholarships. 

Robert Wang, Secondary School Principal and head of the Scholarship Committee shared with us, “The excellence scholarship recognises students’ highest academic attainments, as well as their overall growth through different learning experiences beyond the classroom. This year we additionally created the Special Talent Scholarship, with the intention of recognising the great talents among our students in areas such as sports, arts, robotics, and speech and debate. I would like to say congratulations to all of this year’s winners for your achievement, as well as for setting a great example for other students to look up to. We hope you will continue to succeed in the school year ahead! 

This year, scholarship recipients have been awarded over 1 million RMB, the largest amount awarded in BWYA’s history. This goes to show, with the support of BWYA’s teachers, and indeed the entire BWYA community, our students are continuing to push the boundaries, as they strive for excellence. This year’s Special Talent Scholarship winners included students from the BWYA orchestra, actors in the school musicals, students taking part in intercollegiate competitions, as well as some participants at national level tournaments. 

You can view the full recipient list belowWe would like to congratulate all of this year’s winners, and encourage our current students to learn from their example. We look forward to seeing who is on the list next year!