BWYA’s talented Grade 6 poets have published their very own poetry anthologies which have now officially been included in the School’s library. The authors shared a little bit about their experience producing the books below. Well done all!

Jessica Zhai (G6Y)

Jessica Zhai

At the beginning, this book was suppose to be a project in class but then it turned into a service and learning activity because we get to share it with other students and teach them to write poetry too. In this awesome and stunning book you will take a epic journey in odes, limericks, haikus and so on. you will read about where these poem come from, how to write them and even read some I wrote myself! this book is available in BWYA, IB campus, in the school library and soon to be in other schools. So read on and write your own awesome poem!

Jason Choi G6Y

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My Poetry Anthology is my first, most interesting, and the best book that I made. This book all started with Ms.G’s big project but then it turned into a Service Learning activity too. She announced to us (my classmates also made the Poetry Anthology) that we would make a book containing poetry and what it is. We started this big project at December and finished at March which we used 4 months to finish this great Poetry Anthology. I first was not very interested in my Poetry Anthology. However, when I finished half of it, I started giving more and more efforts to it and I liked it more. The other half was to edit my book with my classmates it was a lot of fun. I published my book in the BWYA library and I was so proud of myself to make a great book and even publishing the book. Making my Poetry Anthology was so much fun and I suggest you to try to make it too! Good luck for you! My book is available in the BWYA library and soon in other schools.

Helen Zhang (G6Y)

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This is the poetry anthology that I did for grade 6 but then it turned into a Service Learning activity too. It involves Haikus, Limericks, Odes, Narrative poems and long metaphor poems. It teaches you how to write them, how to identify each one, its origin, some vocabulary for poetry, and examples of poems that I wrote myself. My book is available in the BWYA library, and soon also in other schools. Hope you can learn from it!

Jerry Zhu G6G

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Writing a Poetry Anthology was one of the most special and interesting things I have done in English Class. I always liked poetry, and getting to write a whole book about poetry seemed great. It was originally a class project, but then it turned into a Service and learning activity. It took about 4 months to complete it, but it was totally worth it. I was able to have fun when writing, learn more about poetry, and help future six graders also learn more about poetry. I learned how to write a book, something I never knew how to do before. I searched for pictures on the internet, spent time perfecting the fonts and styles in the book, and spent hours writing and editing my poems. It was a really great experience. I would recommend writing a poetry anthology to anyone who likes poetry. It gives a unique learning experience and gives you new skills that could be useful in the future. Lastly, making a poetry anthology let me help future six-graders to learn about poetry, letting them see and learn poetry in a new way, possibly inspiring them to write poetry too. My book is available in the BWYA IB campus library.

Helen Fan (G6G

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We did a Poetry Anthology about the poems we wrote in class, that later turned into a Service Learning activity too. There are limericks, haikus, odes, extended metaphor poems and narrative poems. There are slides about how you should write them and techniques that you should know. We worked on this for four month and published it into the school library.  We would like to create that for the six graders next year so they would learn poetry with our books and at the same time, have fun. My book is available at the BWYA library, and soon in other schools.

Nikolas Ethan Tanner (G6G)

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I thought writing a poetry anthology was a great experience when Ms. G first introduced the poetry book I had no interest in creating a book but after Ms. G told us that it would help the future six graders to inspire or teach them about poetry, I instantly wanted to create and publish my book, after writing this book I have more respect and more of an understanding for poetry like figurative language and the different types of poems. Overall I enjoyed it a lot because I had a lot of fun doing it with my classmates because they could give me advise and we could all just share ideas together, that is my experience on writing a poetry book. My book is available in the IB campus library in BWYA, it has also turned into a Service Learning activity too.