Perfect Prose at the Lupine Prize

With the help of an army of ‘Minion’ volunteers, the annual BWYA Lupine Prize ceremony was held last Friday, 12th May. As David Haysom, Head of the High School English Department shared, ‘Now in its fifth year, the Lupine Prize continues to go from strength to strength. The quality of writing from our school community is always astonishing, and the number of superb entries made it very difficult to pick our 2019 winners. Many thanks to everyone who submitted their work!’

Students from throughout the middle and high schools submitted their writings in both the poetry and prose categories, which were then compiled into the 2019 Lupine Prize anthology. The English department then further selected first, second, and third prize winners for each category, who were presented with their awards at the ceremony. As well as this, a number of excerpts were read to the students by their authors.

We hope that events like this continue to contribute to the richness of the English learning at BWYA, as we seek not only to help students understand grammar and vocabulary, but also know how to craft together stories and poetry full of beauty and intrigue.

To view the anthology, please click here.

Middle School Poetry

First Place: The Wise One – ZHU, Jerry (G8)

Middle School Prose

First Place: The Western Hospital – XU, Angel (G8)

Second Place: Cora Brave – WEN, July (G6)

Third Place: The Shot – ZHU, Jerry (G8)

Honourable Mentions:

My Grandpa’s Hens – WANG, Lucy (G6)

High School Poetry

First Place: On a Bus – HE, Sophie (DP2)

Second Place: Dunhuang – SHEN, Tara (G10)

Third Place: Danäe – TANG, Terry (DP1)

Honourable Mentions:

The Flower – CHOI, Stephanie (DP1)

Paulownia Flowers Outside the Window – ZHANG, Sophie (G9)

High School Prose

First Place: Mid-Stage – YAN, Cherry (G10)

Second Place: Artistic Differences – LI, Benjamin (DP1)

Third Place: Hearth – TANG, Terry (DP1)

Honourable Mentions:

On the Wings of Angels – HAN, Tiffany (G10)

The Window – HAN, Tiffany (G10)