The world-renowned TED organisation, famous for their thought-leading talks, came to BWYA on Saturday, 27th February, when grade 10 student, Hannah Xu, organised a TEDx Youth event as her Personal Project.


The TEDx programme was created by the TED organisation to help independent event organisers create TED like events in their own community. Hannah arranged for the event with the theme matching one of BWYA’s slogans, ‘be who you are.’ Speakers included BWYA teachers, Mr. Lloyd Handy and Mr. Ralf Mayenberger, as well BWYA students Wendy Fan (grade 10), Jenny Ding (grade 10), Martin Li (grade 10) and Dari Temutsilekhu (DP2).


“It was a lot of work getting an official license from the TED organisation, “explains Hannah. “I had to do a lot of paperwork and was interviewed by a TED representative from their office in New York over Skype. She wanted to know how much I knew about TED and how my event matched with their values. It was quite stressful but very rewarding and once I received the license they helped me a lot.”

BWYA Teacher, Mr. Ralph Mayenberger, gave a talk on third culture children and some of the unique challenges and issues they face. He said. “It was a privilege to speak at Hannah’s TEDx event. I was a little nervous at the prospect but it was very professionally organised and in the end I really enjoyed being part of it.”

“It was great,” agreed grade 10 student, Wendy Fan, who gave a talk about self-belief and not being afraid to fail. “Some of the world’s most successful people, throughout history, have many failures in their past but they stay true to themselves, work hard and don’t give up and I want to express that in my talk. I was nervous at first but it was a great experience.”

DP2 student, Dari Temutsilekhu, gave a very moving speech about accepting the culture and traditions that shape us. She said, “I was worried about talking about something so personal up on stage but the audience reaction was fantastic. It was a big challenge to do but something I am proud of myself for and an experience I will never forget.”

Well done and thanks go to all the speakers as well as the staff and student volunteers who help make the event possible. You will be able to watch a recording of all the BWYA TEDx Youth talks online soon.

Finally, congratulations to Hannah for organizing a professional standard event and bringing the prestigious TEDx talks to BWYA.