It was a busy morning of awards ceremonies at BWYA’s Wangjing and Lido campuses on Friday, 30th March, as students in grades 6 to 10 were recognised for their academic achievements and contribution in class.

At Wangjing, there were ceremonies for grades 6,7 and 8 in the Green House, and for grades 9 and 10 in the auditorium. Awards were split into two categories, Pastoral Homeroom Awards and Academic Awards. For the Academic Awards, there was a further two categories, the Honour Awards, presented to students who had maintained outstanding levels of achievement in most of their subjects, and the Excellence Awards, presented to students who had achieved to the highest possible levels in all of their subjects.

At Lido, one student from each homeroom received the Best Achiever Award, while there were also certificates presented to the most improved students in each subject, in each grade, and for outstanding group work in PE.

Congratulations to all the award winners listed below.

Lido Campus Award Winners
Most Improved In English Award
Coco Chen G6R
Judy Tang G7R
Thomas Liu G7P
Shirley Wang G8R
Alsa He G8P
Chris Zhang G9R
Owen Li G10R
Mike Yin G10P


Most Improved In Chinese Award
Sisi Qin G6R
Nemo Zhang G7R
Bruce Zhang G7P
Kyle Song G8R
Adam Xu G8P
Chris Zhang G9R
Linn Wang G10R
Sissy Gong G10P


Most Improved In Maths Award
Sarah Wang G6R
Nina Qiao G7R
Angel Xu G7P
Kyle Song G8R
Jerry Xin G8P
Candy Shang G9R
Thalia Guan G10R
Mike Yin G10P


Most Improved In Humanities/Social Studies
Kleist Zhao G6R
Anita Cao G7R
Thomas Liu G7P
Merry Kim G8R
Ethan Han G8P


Most Improved In Geography, Global Perspectives orWorld Literature
Jonny Yao G9R
Jacky Jiang G10P

Global Perspectives
Peter Xu G9R
May Xu G10R

World Literature
Rob Yan G9R
Roxy Wang G10R
Jerry Li G10P



Most Improved In Science, Chemistry or Physics
Sarah Wang G6R
Judy Tang G7R
Angel Xu G7P
Alyssa Gau G8R
Ethan Han G8P
Richard Yang G9R
Tuttler Zhou G10P
Simon Wang G10R
Normey Liu G10P



Most Improved in Design, ICT or PD
Coco Chen G6R
Anita Cao G7R
Sunny Zhao G7P
Eva Deng G8R
Victor Zheng G8P
Selina Zhao G9R
Simon Wang G10R


Most Improved In PE
David Chai G6R
Anita Cao G7R
Lottie Zhang G7P
Jordan Wang G8R
John Zhao G8P
John Wang G9R
Monica Wang G10R
Bonnie Hu G10P


Best Group Performances In PE
Grade 7:
Angel Xu
Angela Liu
Mia Zhang
Peter Tian
Sunny Zhao
Thomas Liu

Grade 8:
Alsa He
Celia Peng
Jerry Xin
Owen Wang

Grade 9:
Aurora Tian
Evelyn Jiang
Lily Li
Peter Xu
Rain Xu
Richard Yang

Grade 10:
Anna Sun
Bonnie Hu
Kiki Zhang
Monica Wang
Sissy Gong
Tuttler Zhou

Most Improved In Art Or Music
Sally Wang G6R
Amit Zhu G7R
Angel Xu G7P
Merry Kim G8R
Owen Wang G8P
Bonnie Hu G10P
Most Improved In Reading
 Sarah Wang G6R
Rain Lin G7R
Crystal Yan G7P
Merry Kim G8R
Ryk Chenge G8P
Homeroom Best Achiever Awards
Justin Luo G6R
Max Wang G7R
Sunny Zhao G7P
Dylan Du G8R
Owen Wang G8P
Selina Zhao G9R
Thalia Guan G10R
Sherry Li G10P
Wangjing Campus Award Winners
Grade 6 Pastoral Homeroom Awards
Steven Li IB Learner Profile Award
Amy Li IB Learner Profile Award
Enqiang Yuan Outstanding Contribution To Homeroom As A Book Battle Champion
Elaine Zhu Outstanding Contribution To Homeroom As A Book Battle Champion
Zeke Luo Outstanding Contribution To Homeroom As A Book Battle Champion

Sophia Liu Most Collaborative Student Award
Linita Liu Most Socially Improved Student Award
Emily Lee Most Punctual Student Award

 Grade 6 Academic Award Winners
Grade 6 Honorary Awards
Emily Chen
Simon Cho
Cara Dai
Elsa Gao
Kiki Hu
Emy Huang
Frank Jia
Steven Li
Kimmy Li
Maggie Li
George Liu
Zeke Luo
Jade Shi
Richard Su
Angel Tao
Kitty Wang
Meiting Yang
Barry Zhang
Elaine Zhu
Grade 6 Excellence Award Winners
Sophia Liu
Enqiang Yuan
Grade 7 Pastoral Homeroom Awards
Jessica Zhai Outstanding Award
Helen Zhang Outstanding Award
Jake Guo Most Improved Award

Jason Choi Outstanding Award
Christina Zhang Outstanding Award
Anna Nan, Most Improved
Christina Ge Most Improved Award
Christopher Du Academically Outstanding And Excellent Collaboration Award
Vivian Tao Helping Others And Excellent Self-Management Award

Grade 7 Academic Award Winners
Grade 7 Honorary Award Winners
Linda Chang
Athena Chu
Christopher Du
Helen Fan
Helen Jia
Lindsay Li
Sophie Li
Alex Li
Kata Liu
Lucas Lu
Anna Nan
Miriam Schneider
Gina Shi
Sofia Strelnikova
Vivian Tao
Jennifer Wang
Joseph Yan
Jessica Zhai
Ella Zhang
Helen Zhang
Flora Zhang
Janice Zhang
Debbie Zhang
Grade 7 Excellence Awards
Connie Chen
Christina Zhang


Grade 8 Pastoral Homeroom Awards
Jonathan Wei IB Lerner Profile Award
Andy Zhao Homeroom Helper Award

Ryan Han Most Conscientious Award
Ella He Most Conscientious Award

Kevin Xie Most Reflective Award
Catherine Chen Excellence Service To Homeroom


Grade 8 Academic Awards
Grade 8 Honorary Award Winners
Ivy Chang
 Alice Cheng
Sam Cui
David Dai
Amy Feng
Ryan Han
Daniel Kim
Daniel Li
Emily Shi
Angela Wang
Benjamin Wang
Jonathan Wei
Tak Woo
Selina Wu
Ray Xie
Kevin Xie
Cindy Xing
Steve Yan
Bubble Yu
Martina Zhang
Sophie Zhang
Vanessa Zhang
Penny Zhang
Alysa Zhu
Grade 8 Excellence Awards
Catherine Chen
Sissi Chen
Nicole Xu
Kelly Yang
Ella He
Anna Ren
Audrey Sun
Grade 9 Pastoral Homeroom Awards
John Li Outstanding Contribution To The School Community
Syndey Wong Contribution To The School Community
Faye Chenge Contribution To The School Community
Cherry Yan Strong Leadership And Team Spirit
Maria An Showing Initiative And Self-Sacrifice For The Homeroom
Rachel Zeng Outstanding Student
Alina Temutsilekhu Outstanding Student
Yumin Cho Outstanding Student
Grade 9 Academic Awards
Grade 9 Honorary Award Winners
Ines Belkhodja
Arya Chen
Cici Cheng
Jason Duan
Jane Hwang
Cavior Jian
Jin Jung
Seoyun Kwon
Willy Lee
Sophia Li
Yvonne Lv
Tom Pan
Rose Qi
Josh Rong
Nancy Shen
Jack Shen
Felix Sun
Alina Temutsilekhu
Caroline Wang
Conrad Wen
Syndey Wong
Rachel Zeng
Rony Zhang
Lisa Zhao
Tim Zhou

Grade 9 Excellence Award Winners
Maria An
Elina Du
Tina Han
Tiffany Han
John Li
Cherry Yan
Grade 10 Pastoral Homeroom Awards
Stephanie Choi Outstanding Student For Leadership
Martin Li Outstanding Student For Integrity


Penelope Zhang Outstanding Student


Catherine Hao Outstanding Student
Eric Xu Outstanding Student

Grade 10 Academic Awards
Grade 10 Honorary Awards
Kelly Chang
Adam Che
Jenny Ding
Bella Dong
George Gao
Shawn Guo
Catherine Hao
Michael Hao
Joon Jeon
Sean Li
Candy Li
Martin Li
Maggie Ma
Leah Park
Michael Qiu
Aaron Qu
Terry Tang
Clement Wang
Becky Wei
Spring Xia
Jessica Xu
Hannah Xu
Esther Yang
Leo Yang
Alex Zhai
Amanda Zhang



Grade 10 Excellence Awards
Wendy Fan
Natalie Fang
Benjamin Li
Long-Er Wang
Penelope Zhang
Stephanie Choi