After the recent graduation ceremony for BWYA’s Class of 2018, it was the turn of BWYA’s MYP students at the Wangjing campus on Friday, 25th May, to celebrate their graduation from grade 10 and the move to the Diploma Programme next year.

As with their old colleagues, the MYP students enjoyed a great ceremony with student and teacher addresses and awards. This year’s teacher’s address was given by BWYA Head of Science, Dr. Chuck Leseberg, who was introduced by student Spring Xia. Dr. Leseberg gave an entertaining speech which included his five “tidbits”, small pieces of advice that the graduating students could take with them. These included listening to the advice of others, but also understanding which advice to take and which to ignore, as well as appreciating the people around you and never being afraid to express your feelings.

Dr. Chuck Leseberg gave this year's teacher address at the MYP graduation ceremony

Dr. Chuck Leseberg gave this year’s teacher address at the MYP graduation ceremony

This year’s student speaker, Terry Tang, was introduced by BWYA Drama teacher, Mr. Adam Combs. Terry also gave an entertaining speech in which he reflected on his and his fellow students time at BWYA, talking about some of his highlights, as well as thanking all his teachers.



The MYP graduation ceremony also included awards presented for Personal Projects and Service As Action (SA) activities, as well as IB Learner Profile Awards. These are awarded to students who have displayed behaviour in line with the 10 key characteristics of an IB learner.

This year’s IB Learner Profile Awards were presented by Ms. Jane Xia, Ms. Sophie Lauratet, Ms. Cosmina Lascu and Mr. Ralph Mayenberger. The winners are:

The Inquirer Award: Clement Wang
The Knowledgeable Award: Penelope Zhang
The Thinker Award: Michael Qiu
The Balanced Award: Wendy Fan
The Communicator Award: Spring Xia
The Principled Award: Benjamin Li
The Open-minded Award: Martin Li
The Caring Award: Long-Er Wang
The Risk-taker Award: George Gao
The Reflective Award: Stephanie Choi


This year’s Personal Projects Awards were presented by Mr. Reuben Haggar. The winners are:

Benjamin Li
Martin Li
Hannah Xu
Wendy Fan


This year’s SA Awards were presented by Ms. Loredana Giovenelli. The winners are:

Stephanie Choi
Melanie Gao
George Gao
Leah Park


Congratulations to all of the award winners this year and well done to all MYP graduates. We are very proud of you.