The awards ceremony for the prestigious Lupine Prize 2018 took place at Wangjing on Friday, 13th November, with 11 awards presented and 10 honourable mentions receiving certificates.


BWYA’s annual Lupine Prize recognizes the outstanding creative writing of BWYA students in two categories, poetry and prose, with each winning entry being published in the Lupine Anthology. There is also a team of Lupine minions, dedicated volunteers who work hard to make the awards happen as well as design and publish the anthology. You can download a copy of the Lupine Anthology 2018 at the end of this article.

This Year’s Lupine Award winners are:

Middle School Poetry Winners
1st Helen Zhang (G7B) “Sympathy”
2nd Jerry Zhu (G7B) “Vagueness”
3rd Jerry Zhu (G7B) “Choice”


Middle School Prose Winners
1st Sophie Zhang (G8B) “It All Started With The Rain”
2nd Zeke Luo (G6G) “Soccer Dream”


High School Poetry Winners
1st Sophie He (DP1Y) “Railway Station”
2nd Patricia Moltzen (DP1G) “When Astronauts Ruled The Sky”
3rd Mike Tan (DP1G) “A Comedy”

Honourable Mentions
Aryan Chen (G9B) “Welcome To IB”
Shawn Guo (G10Y) “My Rock”
Ryan Kim (DP1Y) “Who Are We?”
Benjamin Li (G10B) “The Futility Of Significance”
Terry Tang (G10Y) “The Beauty In The Fall”
Cherry Yan (G9G) “It Saw I Saw It”
Ben Yang (DP1B) “?”


High School Prose Winners
1st Sydney Liang (DP2Y) “Blue Time”
2nd Cherry Yan (G9G) “Reflection”
3rd Sophie He (DP1Y) “Father And Country”

Honourable Mentions
Gordon Chan (DP1G) “The Next Stop”
Flora Tian (DP1Y) “The Flawed Pianist”
Terry Tang (G10Y) “Father And Country”

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the Lupine Minions for all their hard work. Click on the link below for your copy of the Anthology.

Lupine Prize Final Anthology