Over the coming months, BWYA is proud to be part of a very special initiative that hopes to make our community a little more environmentally friendly, taking all the steps possible to make our world a little greener.

The Green Future Project will be a whole school campaign which will reward students with ‘green points’ every time they complete an activity which helps to protect the environment. This could be anything from recycling a bottle and turning it into a craft project, making sure the lights are all switched off at home when no one is in, planting a tree, to taking public transport for a family outing instead of going by car.

All points will be added up ahead of a special ceremony in November. Recognition will be given to BWYA students, homerooms, grades and campuses who rack up the highest score and contribute to making BWYA and our community greener.

Green Future will be launched on Earth Day, 21st April. BWYA students will receive a specially designed scorecard to keep track of all their green points.

Along with the Green Future Campaign, BWYA is also sponsoring the Green Future Post Card competition organised by Littlestar Magazine. Over 200 international schools in China and South East Asia will be taking part, with students designing a postcard that highlights the message of protecting the environment. BWYA’s student Green Future score card will include a template to help design and submit entries. Students that take part will receive 5 green points for every submission.


Primary School students who will be working on their postcard design as a Spring Break assignment, please submit your first entry on Monday, 8th May to your homeroom teacher. Don’t forget to do something green as a family over the holiday and help make our community greener.

Keep an eye on BWYA’s website for updates and news of Green Future activities. You can also find out more about the Green Future Postcard Design competition here.