On Friday, 15th December, students at BWYA’s IN School hosted an evening of performances and art exhibits at our Lido campus.

Organised and hosted by the IN Student Council, 17 acts performed everything from classical recitals to classic rock songs, with dance routines and traditional Chinese music in between.

The auditorium was packed with parents who came to watch the spectacle and appreciate the art works. Commenting on the evening, Ms. Han, mother of David Chai (G6P), said, “I really appreciate the opportunity to be involved with the BWYA community and to have the chance to see the kids show off their talents away from their academics. I enjoy the BWYA family atmosphere very much.”

Ms. Li, mother of Asuna Tian (G9R), who performed in the pop dance troupe, added, “My child only joined BWYA this year and I am really impressed by how much she has already grown. She really enjoyed being part of the show and working with the other students. It makes me glad we chose BWYA for her.”

IN Student Council President, Lynn Wang said that organising the event was a huge challenge but everyone was really pleased with the result. She said, “We originally thought preparing for the fINe Arts Festival would by easy, but once we started to get everything ready we discovered so many things that needed to be taken care of. The whole team worked really hard to make it a success and we are really proud of the result.”

IN School teacher, Mr. John Mariampillai, supervises the IN School Council and oversaw the production of the fINe Arts Festival. He said, “I am really proud of all the students involved. The Student Council worked very hard to pull this off and every single performer put the time in to perfect their act. It was lovely to see so many parents and guests come along and show their support for the IN School and their appreciation for the creative talents of our students.”

Well done to the IN Student Council for organising the event and to all the performers, and thanks to all the parents and guests who attended.