On Friday, 9th February, 23 acts created by students from BWYA’s Secondary School campuses took to the stage for the Wolves Talent Show. BWYA Music Teacher, Mr. Jan Rues, and the BWYA School Orchestra kicked things off and were followed by bands, dancers, singers and instrumentalists giving a wide range of performances.

The Wolves Talent Show was coordinated by Ms. Pauline Wong. She commented, “It was a big group effort and after so much preparation, it was fantastic to see the fruits of everyone’s work and to see the enjoyment on the audience’s faces. Well done to all the performers, student MCs, backstage volunteers, and to all the parents who came along, for such a memorable show.’

The theme for the show this year was ‘A Green Future’, the campaign BWYA has adopted during the last year to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our environment and to help our community be a little bit greener. The scripts for the MCs featured plenty of positive green messages, for example, promoting bike share schemes as well as reusable shopping bags and cutlery. Also, some of the props used by the primary school performers were created from recycled materials.

You can relive the highlights by enjoying our picture gallery.