Moving Forward Together

School is the cradle of a child’s growth, and family is the lifelong classroom; as such, we all know that a student’s development is fully reliant on the efforts of both parties. To this end, the BWYA Parent Teacher Association(PTA) acts as a bridge between parents and school, organizing many activities. This year they held 10 parent workshops, organized 17 school activities, and also established the BWYA ‘Parent School’ with eight different classes, winning much praise from the parents.

Ms. Teng, part of the oil painting class, shared with us, “I’ve liked art since I was a child. When I was at school, I’d go to museums to see Western oil paintings, then learning more about the history of oil painting increased my interest even more. The oil painting class at BWYA finally gave me the opportunity to learn the basics, and helped me realize my childhood dreams.”

At the Parents’ Reading Club, by reading and sharing, parents also learn about parenting, family management, and personal growth. Ms. Lu, the president of the Parents’ Reading Club said, “This semester, we are planning to read three books together, ‘The New Peoplemaking’, ‘Positive Discipline’, and ‘The 5 Love Languages’. Recent Reading Club leader Ms. Wang shared her feelings with us, “No-one loves their children more than their parents. So it is an exciting thing to be able to guide parents on how to use their love, with wisdom and strength, to even better help their children to mature.”

Ms. Lü is very active in all PTA activities. Talking about the Parent School, she had much to share. 

“Before joining BWYA, there are many unknowns for our children. As a new student’s parent, I myself was even more anxious, and couldn’t wait to learn more about the school. So when I heard that BWYA provides classes for parents, I signed up without a second thought!”

“Now, after nearly two semesters of study, I would like to say that I am very fortunate to have been involved with this. Compared with my former self: unreasonably critical of others and children, disheartened, and hesitant, what I have learned at the Parent School has really changed me for the better, becoming a healthy, calm, and confident parent, with the ability to help children face academic pressures, ensuring the peace and stability of our family atmosphere.”

“I am very grateful to Ms. Pauline Wong, the BWYA PTA coordinator. She is hard-working, and has arranged the times of each course very well. At the same time, as a BWYA parent herself, she also has a lot of valuable experience to share with us.”

So, we hope that in all of our children’s experiences at BWYA, they are able to feel the love and support of their parents and teachers. This is our common wish, and the PTA will continue to serve as this bridge between parents and school, all moving forwards together with love.