Part of being active contributors to our society and communities is making sure we strive to do everything we can to help those less fortunate than ourselves. One way BWYA students have been doing this is through the BWYA MCF Club (Migrant Children’s Foundation). Club members get together to arrange activities and fund raising events in support of the MCF. We caught up with club leaders Angela Pan and Gordon Chen to learn more about it.

What sort of activities does the MCF organise?

We initiated 6 different courses for the MCF school, English, Photography, Science, Music, Chinese and Calligraphy, and Visual Art all taught by BWYA students, which is a cooperation project with MCF Beijing Buddies Program. We have English and Visual Art every week and Photography, Music, Chinese and Calligraphy, and Visual Art every two weeks.

We are also conducting a cooperation project to raise money and awareness for the migrant children within BWYA and with other international schools.

We are regularly hosting events in BWYA, or outside, to advocate and raise fund for MCF kids’ health care programmes and education programmes, working with other projects that are cooperating with MCF, such as fundraising concerts “The Fools who Dream”, raising money for kids at MCF, a cooperation project between BWYA and Dulwich Roots and Shoots club working to build a garden for the MCF school aiming to improve the environment of the migrant school, and BWYA illustration club donating a series of original graphic novels about global values and social issues to spread awareness of the current social issues and help develop the migrant children’s global values.

We have also been organising events for MCF in migrant schools for the migrant kids including:

Culture exchange program: A letter exchange project with a primary school in the UK which teaches the migrant kids to write a short letter in English and take photos of their school and their activities; then, send the letters and photos through email

“In our global village” cooperation project with MCF kids: Creating a book through the eyes of the migrant kids about Beijing and their life, aiming to advocate for them and also publish the book online through the “In our global village” project, sharing it with schools and students all over world. For example, the book will be shared with students in extreme poverty at Awet Secondary School in Kambi ya Simba. The book will reach a global audience in order to share the migrant children’s story.


What are the biggest challenges when organising these events?

Time! We need to find the time that fits with all the volunteers and the migrant kids. As high school students, we need to balance between academics and volunteer work and learn to commit to the time and date by attending the sessions consistently.

Involvement! We need to find the best fit for every volunteer, so we can work efficiently. We had to assign different jobs and ask different student to take different responsibilities.

A big thank you to Gordon and Angela for writing the above interview responses.