Even though we are an international school, at BWYA we never lose sight of where
we come from, and for our students, giving something back is part of the
requirements of our programmes.

Discovering Ways of Giving Back

Giving something back to where we come from is an important part of international education.

For MYP students, this takes the form of Service as Action which requires students to identify and address a need within the community (this can be the school community, local community, or wider) and think of ways that they can benefit the community by addressing this need. We have enjoyed plenty of different fund raising events, awareness campaigns, clothing drives, and so on, down the years, all led by BWYA students themselves.

Our DP students our required as part of the IB Diploma to participate in the Creativity, Action and Service Programme (CAS). This is a key part of the IB Diploma and, as well as learning through experience, students have the opportunity to develop their skills and talents, learn new ones that will enhance their future, and contribute to their community.

A Life of PI  – Case Study

Grade 10 students from both our IN and IB campuses have been getting to grips with the Raspberry Pi micro computer, as well as the organisation that created it, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, for a very special project that is making a big difference to disadvantaged students in Beijing.

Using the Raspberry Pi, as well as BWYA’s 3D printing technology, students are designing and building desktop computers for the pupils of a local migrant school.

After visiting the school and researching the space and conditions within the classroom, the students based their design on the data they collected and created prototypes to test that their creations where fit for purpose. For many students, this was the first time they have experienced working with the Raspberry Pi. However, spending time at the migrant school inspired the students and staff at BWYA to push the project forward, raising money to fund purchasing additional micro-computers and helping to ensure that a disadvantaged section of our community can have access to a quality education and resources.

John Mariampillai, Design Technology teacher at BWYA and project coordinator, said that he was impressed with the dedication the students have show to the project, despite some setbacks along the way. He added, “Not all the designs where successful first time and it was great to see students learning from the setbacks and making improvements.”

“It was also fantastic to see the wider BWYA community embrace the project, led by Ms Bita Farid Mohebati, and her department. More and more students and staff got involved as the project progressed, working hard to raise money in order to purchase more Raspberry Pis. So what started out as a simple idea to encourage students to take a more active role in their community and help those less advantaged to the themselves has turned into a school wide initiative which is genuinely improving the lives of migrant school pupils.”


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