Knocking at the Door of the Future

"Who knows how strong you might be and given that strength and commitment, imagine what you could achieve."

As the younger years finish off this term’s work, and look forward to the summer break and joining the next grade in September, last Friday our DP2 students, their parents, and the teaching faculty, all celebrated our students’ many years of hard work, and in particular – the previous two years in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

This year saw all 58 DP2 students graduating, joining what is now a prestigious group of over 1000 BWYA graduates.

Giving the teachers’ address this year, BWYA science teacher, Mr. Columba Moore, passionately encouraged the students to ‘play the most magnificent game of your life’, as they move on from BWYA.

‘Who knows how strong you might be and given that strength and commitment, imagine what you could achieve. Imagine this wrought large at the level of the family, the company and even the Republic of Conscience. So make the critical choice, tool yourself at University into something that can realize this choice and then manifest it in the world.’

As well as handing out the well earned BWYA diplomas, there were also awards presented for Intellectual Curiosity, Principled Character, and Intercultural Understanding. These three awards were won by Angela Pan, Michael Yang, and Sophie He respectively. In addition to this, and reflecting the strength of this year’s graduates, this year’s ceremony also saw two students awarded with the Outstanding Graduate Award – Brian Han, and Flora Tian.

We are very proud of all that our students have achieved during their time at BWYA, and are fully confident that they are now well equipped for the road ahead, as parent speaker Mr. Bing Zhou shared with the students during the ceremony, ‘What you will face is a diversified and colourful world, at the same time you will also be exposed to lot of temptation and risk. Don’t be puzzled, be open and embrace this. If you need any guidance or companions, remember to turn to what you have learned in BWYA. Now it is your turn to knock at the door of the future. Seize the day!’

* Additional photos courtesy of Mr. Mi Jia and BWYA Student Alex Zhai.