Grade 10 Reach a Great Milestone

“…… And now fast forward a few years, we’re now roughly at themidpoint of our journey, about to finish the MYP or IGCSE programme and enter the DP programme. The last two days I’ve been looking back at all the memories, everything we’ve gone through the past couple of years. And I’d like to use my time today to just toast, and proudly too, the glories and stories and tales we made for ourselves before we move on to make some more in the last two remaining years of our high school.” 

   —— Student Representative 
            Daniel Kim

On Friday May 8th, the BWYA tenth grade enjoyed a milestone moment in their education. More than 70 teachers and students gathered online to celebrate their past growth as well as opening a new chapter in their learning journey. Despite the obvious differences from previous years’ ceremonies, there was no shortage of joy in celebrating the educational harvest and excitement about the future.

The graduation ceremony was led by Mr. Ralf Mayenberger, the Head of Grade for Grade 10. In his opening speech, he mentioned the challenges and changes the epidemic has brought to our lives, but also, and more importantly, how are we facing it? In the last few weeks of online learning, BWYA students have clearly developed their resilience and adaptability, enabling them to become even better learners. Now having thoroughly learnt these new lessons, surely they are even better equipped to face the future together. 

Student and teacher representatives also shared at the ceremony. Chinese teacher Ms. An An gave her advice on how to become friends with the pressures of life, while Student Representative Daniel Kim shared his learnings from his time at BWYA, the challenges, the constant polishing and reforming of character, precious friendships, and good memories that will carry on through the roads ahead.

Finally, Personal Project Coordinator Mr. Reuben Haggar’s message to the students was based around the homeroom names, B, G, R and Y. Brilliance – as the students used their imaginations and creativity to face our ever-changing world with brilliance, Grit – as the students displayed their perseverance in chasing their dreams, Relationships – that students cherish friendships bringing happiness, humour and support, and finally Y for humour (yōumò in pinyin), encouraging students to keep up their sense of ‘humour’, to laugh at life, and amidst adversity, keep their positive attitude.

The next part of the journey has begun! With the Grade 10 students already starting their DP preparation classes. We wish them the very best of luck, as they follow their dreams, growing up into learned, well rounded, and positive young men and women. 

Below is the list of this year’s Personal Project Award winners, as well as the BWYA Schoolwide Learner Outcomes Award winners: