Last Friday (2nd November), our secondary school celebrated the annual “United Nations Day”. As is the tradition now at BWYA, each year students dress up their classrooms with decorations and props from different countries, along with food, games, and quizzes based on their chosen country’s history and culture to help their classmates understand and appreciate the different cultures and customs of the world. 

This year, we had a total of 25 countries represented from all six continents, so our students really know what it means to be “locally grounded, globally aware”. Even without leaving the campus, they are able to sample all the world has to offer! Overseeing the event was Ms. Kim Na Song, who told us, “This year’s topic was ‘building bridges over borders’. This was not only displayed in our posters and activities, but even more so in our communication, as each student became the bridge crossing the world’s borders.”

At BWYA, with teachers and students from 28 countries, we know that in order to foster a new generation of global citizens, we must understand and respect the unique characteristics of the cultures of the world – so celebrating UN Day each year is an excellent way for us to move forwards together!

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