It’s coming to the end of our first week back at BWYA! The K-Class have all met their new teachers and friends, the grade 6 and 7 students have finished this week’s special orientation, and all our returning students have been enjoying starting back at school again, seeing old friends, as well as making new ones. This year, BWYA is welcoming more new students than ever, with over 1000 students from 21 countries. As well as this, our experienced faculty now includes teachers from 28 different countries, ensuring our students are not only well taught, but grow up to be global-citizens. Locally grounded, globally aware!

After the long summer break, it’s great to get back to school again! Our students and teachers are having a great time learning together and building new friendships, and all of us here are BWYA are super excited to see what the rest of this term has to offer! We hope you are too!!

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