Some of the common questions we are regularly asked

A:   If you are looking for a school that combines local language and culture with a global outlook, and balances a challenging academic curriculum with opportunities for pursuing athletics, arts and learning through service, BWYA is the school of choice for you.
We have a highly qualified teaching staff, and a warm welcoming student community. We would love for you to visit our campus so that we can further introduce you to the many opportunities BWYA has to offer.
A: BWYA can accept applications throughout the year, however enrollment only takes place at the beginning of each school year.
A: Each child’s grade is decided based on their age and current grade. For example, if your child is currently in grade 5 their application will be considered for grade 6.
A:   The school can only offer places to students with mild learning difficulties. Where possible, any difficulties that are known must be declared so that individual needs can be assessed and support can be determined and arranged.
A:   School hours for each campus are as follows:
Lower Primary School 8.30am until 3.20pm
Upper Primary School 8.30am until 3.30pm
IN Campus 8.15am until 3.35pm
IB Campus 8.15am until 15.50pm
A:   For our Primary School programme, the maximum class size is 20. For our IB and IN programmes the maximum class size is 24.
A:   We currently offer Korean, Japanese, Spanish and German classes.
A:   All of our teachers have a bachelor’s degree in their chosen subject as a minimum, with advanced degrees preferable. They all have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience and an accredited teaching qualification, e.g. PGCE or TESOL.
A:   Yes there is, as we believe this makes an important contribution to unity and school spirit. Parents can purchase the relevant school uniform when they register their children at BWYA.
A:   Absolutely. BWYA has an active PTA at all four of our campuses, who regularly organize and take part in celebrations and events for the staff, students and the whole BWYA community, including our annual May Fair. Each campus also regularly hosts events to celebrate the work of our students and parents are positively encouraged to attend.
A:   Yes. BWYA offers over 60 after-school activities and clubs as well as our BWYA Wolves Athletics programmes which sees teams of BWYA athletes competing against other international schools in Beijing, Tianjin and further a field. You can find out more about the activities, clubs and athletics programmes in the Community Life section of our website.
A:   BWYA has real-time air quality monitoring in place, as well as the latest air purification equipment in each and every classroom. When air pollution is high in Beijing we also have plans and procedures in place to take the necessary steps to limit our students exposure to poor air quality outside.
A:   We do yes. We have bus routes covering the majority of Beijing  to ensure that our students arrive at school and get home afterwards safely.
A:   BWYA does provide an opportunity for students to sit the PSAT test every year, giving them a chance to experience the exam under real conditions. We do not provide specific SAT or ACT preparation.
A:   No. BWYA operates to an international school calendar, which we publish and share with parents every year. You can also view the school calendar on our homepage or the calendar section of our website.
A:   Yes, all of our programmes meet the required Chinese and International standards.
A:   Yes. A school provided lunch is available for all primary school students and students in grades 6 to 10.
A:   BWYA does provide a healthy, balanced lunch for all students. It is impossible to cater for all dietary requirements however so students are also welcome to bring their own lunch to school.


If you are interested in enrolling your child at BWYA, please contact us  to
make an appointment with our Admissions Office.
We would be pleased to show you around the school and assist you
through the application process.