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Applications Process

(1)Online Application

(2)Open Day and School Tour

(3)Student Assessment

(4)Student and Parent Meetings

(5)Documents for Education Commission


(7)School Fees

For more information, please refer to the Admissions section in the BWYA website.

Class Sizes


Curriculum Framework

Nationalities of International Teachers

BWYA’s international teachers come from over 20 different countries. In most cases, the international teachers are from English-speaking countries. For the teachers who are from the countries where English is not a native language, they are required to have undergraduate degree from English-speaking countries and teaching certificates.


Proportion of Chinese Students to Foreign Students

BWYA’s students are from more than 20 different countries, and the majority of our students are Chinese. Most of our international students are from the embassies. 

Proportion of Teaching in English

On average, 80 percentage of the classes are taught in English and 20 percent are taught in Chinese.


Chinese Language Education

IPC: Grade 1 to Grade 5 use Chinese National Curriculum textbooks. There are six Chinese lessons per week, and each lesson is 40 minutes.

IB MYP: Grade 6 uses Chinese National Curriculum textbooks. Grade 7 to Grade 10 use our own self-edited textbooks, which reflect the MYP outline. There are three lessons per week, and each lesson is 70 minutes.

IB DP: Grade 11 to Grade 12 use our own self-edited textbooks, which reflect the DP outline. There are three lessons per week, and each lesson is 70 minutes.

Boarding Service and School Bus Transportation

BWYA students are day students, BWYA has no boarding or residential program. School bus transportation is available from several key locations, parents need to check the bus route first.


After School Clubs

BWYA offers more than 80 after school clubs. For more information about clubs and activities, please refer to the Clubs and Activities section in the BWYA website.

Scholarship Policy

BWYA has an established scholarship programme, and it will go to students (Grade 9 to Grade 12) who have distinguished themselves in academics or special talents.


BWYA’s Graduate Results and University Destinations

BWYA is one of the top international schools in Beijing. BWYA’s 2020 average IB score was 37. For more details about this year’s results, please refer to this blog post.

College Counselors for University Application Process

BWYA has College Counselors and DP teachers to support students with applying for universities.

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