Family Fun at the May Fair

The annual BWYA May Fair was held last Saturday (25th May), in the stunning summer sunshine. Along with the weather, the whole event had a very warm family feeling, with teachers, students and parents all taking the opportunity to sell handicrafts, home-made food and drinks, and even showing off their talents on the stage!

As with previous years, much of the generosity and positive energy at the fair was also partly due to the charitable nature of the event, in total raising a huge 180,000RMB to be donated to the Chunhui Children’s Foundation (, and Roundabout China ( These two organisations both seek to improve living standards for children within China. We trust that through activities like this, and many more, we are able to help those less fortunate than ourselves, as BWYA aims to be a force for good to the society around us.

View the gallery below for a selection of highlights!