Excellence-Awards and Super-Science

Recently, our Grade 6-8 students celebrated their Term 2 Awards Ceremony. Having worked very hard over this previous MYP term, it was fantastic to celebrate everything achieved, both academically and in personal development. In total, 82 honorary awards were given to students who scored all 5s, 6s, and 7s on their report cards, and 16 excellence awards were given to those scoring only 6s and 7s.

As well as this, after the great success of the recent Grade 8 Science Exhibition, the Grade 7 Science Exhibition was also held on the 28th-29th March, with our students showing off their learning and scientific minds. As with the first event, it was a fantastic display of solid academic and presentational skills to promote “true scientific spirit”. Sam Rajesh, our Middle School Head of Science also told us, “Hands-on scientific investigation is the main focus of our fair, and the primary objective of this project is to have students approach a problem scientifically.”