BWYA’s Scholarship Winners
Bubble Yu: Up, Up and Away

“Climbing, symbolises an upwards force.”

Bubble Yu

BWYA Special Talent Scholarship Winner

Amidst the musical excitement, Bubble Yu, wearing her Beijing-red kit, cheekily pulls a peace sign on the podium. It was August of this year, at ‘The 2nd Youth Games of the People’s Republic of China’ climbing competition. Now in the 10th grade, Bubble won both the ‘Rock Climbing’ as well as the ‘All-rounder’ categories, with her strength and technique. 

Having started climbing at the age of seven, Bubble has now participated in over 20 competitions. This ‘upwards force’ and her unyielding pursuit of excellence, have brought her both sporting accolades, and now BWYA’s Special Talent Scholarship for sports. Let’s find out more from her! 

Q: Congratulations on winning two gold medals! What is the secret of your success? 

A: I think it’s all down to my ‘devil’ preparation plan and self-discipline. My training is made up of four parts in a 1:2:1:1 split – climbing, finger-strength, upper-body strength, and core strength. In the two-week lead up to the competition, I religiously followed the training plan. Accompanied by the rising sun, my training started at 5 o’clock every morning. Then after finishing my homework, with the evening cicadas and our dog Little Prince’s gentle yapping, the devil-training continued into the night. 

The process was certainly arduous – but seeing my improvements was incredibly exciting. I feel real success is not merely dependent on luck, but every day and night’s commitment and effort. 

Q: So why rock climbing? And what does it mean to you? 

A: I stick with rock climbing because I love it! It’s a love that doesn’t only come from countless failures, but also continuous reflection, experimentation, honing and refining skills on the path to happiness and fulfilment. It’s a love that comes from challenging yourself, working towards the Grade 5.14 top of the climbing pyramid, the belief that more is possible, and even moreso from the confidence, firmness and courage that the nature of the climbing movement has brought me. 

For me, climbing isn’t only a sport I love, but also a life-course. On this course, I’ve learned self-discipline, scientific planning and execution abilities, along with developing reflection and self-improvement processes. As such, to me it’s a true wealth of life. 

Q: What are your hopes for the future? 

A: I hope to join the Chinese national climbing team and represent China at the World Climbing Championships. I also want to use all of my efforts to bring glory to China on the Olympic stage. Further along the line, I hope in the future to be able to establish an international youth rock climbing tour of five continents with some like-minded friends, to promote rock climbing for a new generation. 

Q: How do you balance climbing and studies? 

A: This is a really good question, also a very difficult question. When it comes to competitions and studies, I think studies are by far the most important. I often don’t go to competitions, I want my studies to take the first place, then training. Usually each week, I will have three or four days for training – this way I have plenty of time to train hard, but can also ensure my studies are completed in a satisfactory manner. 

Q: How have you grown at BWYA? 

A: My growth at BWYA has not only been limited to the IB Learner Profile. Additionally, our teachers have supported us to develop as independent learners and independent researchers, also I’ve received unending support whilst working together with classmates. What I am most thankful for though, is the encouragement we receive at BWYA to become independent thinkers, constantly reflecting, with clear self-discipline, and always moving forward to the next goal. 

Obstacles, like mountains, are always high, but with hard work and the right support, they can all be climbed. We hope that Bubble’s story along with the Special Talent Scholarship, will inspire more and more BWYA learners to continue to reach into the future.

*Photos courtesy of BWYA Student Bubble Yu.