Debate Spirit at BWYA

On Saturday 7th December, seven international schools’ speech and debate teams gathered at BWYA to speak, perform, and debate against each other. The competition was fierce; each round of performances was stronger and more brilliant than the last. But in the end, BWYA prevailed – our middle school and high school teams both won first place overall in the team divisions. 

This being now the 6th year of Speecheasy, was perhaps the best event for BWYA so far, with our students winning the most awards we have ever won. With nearly 100 students taking part, we would in particular like to thank the many teachers and students who gave up their time as judges and volunteers to make the event so successful and run so smoothly, as well as of course all those who came as participants. 

We wish you could have joined us to witness the oratory spectacle, but for those who missed out, there are some photo highlights for you to enjoy below. 

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