Creative Learning at the Primary School

As part of our innovative curricula, our primary school students have recently had two more unusual and challenging learning experiences. The first being the dramatic Fairy Tale Showcase, and the second, a visit from musician and teacher, Mr. Nicky. 

At the Fairy Tale Showcase, Grades 3-5 and many visiting parents were treated to a number of fantastical performances by the Grade 5 classes, as they showed off their excellent dramatic and oratory skills. The plays were all amusing retakes on classic fairy tales, including the story of ‘Big Brad Wolf’, and the search for the most famous fairy tale character. 

After the event, BWYA drama teacher Ms. Molly Robinson shared with us, “It’s very important for a child to work in an expressive environment if they want to grow creatively. Drama enables students to understand and use their imaginations in an academically constructive way. Not only that, expressive arts can help a child build their confidence, teamwork and self-esteem; which will benefit them throughout their lives as well as in education.” In addition to acting, some of the students were also involved with the prop and costume design.

Some highlights from the Fairy Tale Showcase

Following the dramatic delight on Friday from Grade 5, our Grade 3 students enjoyed a musical interlude with teacher-musician, Mr. Nicky. Mr. Nicky’s videos have racked up over eight million views online, as he seeks to combine music and learning. Mr. Nicky spent the day with the third grade, helping them to write songs about what they’ve been learning recently in their IPC module, ‘Active Planet’. The songs ranged from the history of Pompeii, to Earthquakes, to the specifics of Composite Volcanoes. 

Speaking afterwards with BWYA teacher and organiser of the day, Ms. Mary Miller, she shared, “As many times as I can, whether it’s art or PE or music, I try to combine learning experiences, so when I can find something like this, the kids get excited, and they’re doing exactly what the IPC is all about – joining all of their subjects into one demonstration of learning.”

We hope that with these imaginative and varied approaches, all of our students are able to engage and learn well, or as Ms. Miller put it, “We’re trying to develop thinkers. We really need to be teaching them how to come up with different ideas and ways. It’s important for us to try and reach all the kids in different ways all the time.” 

Highlights of the time with Mr. Nicky