Club Policies

BWYA Club Policies

Club Times

G1-G2: 15:45 to 16:45 Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.
G3-G5: 15:45 to 16:45 Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.
G6-DP1: 15:50 to 17:00 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

LPC Enrichment Lessons

13:50 to 14:30 Period 7, Friday.

Trial weeks

Season I:

Upper Primary School: October 9 – 12

Secondary School: September 18 -22

Season II: 

Upper Primary School: March 18 -21

Secondary School: March 11 -15


There will be NO school bus provided after clubs. A club shuttle bus will be provided after the clubs finish. Club shuttle bus will stop by Line 14 Laiguangying; Line 14 Donghuqu; Line 14/15 Wangjing; Line 14 Futong; Line 14 Wangjing South; Line 14 Jiangtai.

** For teacher-led club members, there is a free shuttle bus from school to the subway stations. As for student-led club members, students will need to pay 350RMB/club/season for the shuttle bus.

Upper & Lower Primary School students must be picked up by parents right after the club. If parents are consistently late to collect their child, it may result in removal from the Clubs Programme.

Members and Numbers

Clubs must have a minimum of 8 students for the club to run.

Any club with more than 20 students wishing to participate must have two adult supervisors.

Student-led clubs will have an adult supervisor at all the time to oversee activities and take attendance.

Changing Clubs and Cancellation

Upper primary school students and secondary school students will have opportunities to try and change clubs within the trial week only. Once payment is completed, clubs cannot be changed anymore. If you need to change or cancel clubs after payment, please e-mail Ms. Elva at

If a club leader has a serious family or heath concern and needs to suddenly cancel a club, the school will arrange a new teacher to take over, or for students to move to a new club. Clubs will not be cancelled due to pollution or weather. In these cases, a related indoor lesson will be provided.

Assessments and Exhibitions

Clubs must fit into personal development activities & Team-work oriented activities.

Personal development activities clubs provide students with an extension of their school learning, which help students enrich a more diverse knowledge through different cultures, food, language & history. It also supports the development of other professional skills such as artistic and practical abilities; Team-work oriented activities clubs stimulate students’ interest in social services. CAS and SA could be linked with this type of club. Team-work clubs also help students to further develop themselves, define their goals and build their skills. Additionally, it encourages fitness while having fun. These sporting clubs are different to school sports team, which run separately and according to a different schedule. For more information of school sports team, please check with PE teachers.

To demonstrate the value of our clubs, there will be a club exhibition at the end of each club season. Clubs will be required to show their progress through assessment tasks. This may be something they have made or designed, performances, videos, posters, field trips reflections or other creative ways of demonstrating progress and learning. Parents and peers will be invited to the exhibition to get an idea of what other clubs provide.

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