Club Fees

BWYA Club Fees

Club Participation Fees

Beijing World Youth Academy seeks to offer a high-quality selection of clubs to enrich and extend student life. All after-school clubs are fee-based. This is to help us cover some costs and invest in good equipment and facilities to deliver a high-quality experience. The school will continue to heavily subsidies our after-school co-curricular activities with the goal of building a sustainable and meaningful programme for the whole BWYA community.

Standard Fee for Clubs Meeting Once Each Week: 

G3-DP1: 1300 RMB per season per student.

If there are additional material costs, the price of those costs will be calculated by the club leader and paid by club participants.

All student-led clubs will charge 260 RMB per season per member as basic fee. If there are any material or transportation costs, club participants must cover those costs themselves.

*Club fee is not refundable once the payment is completed. Please contact office of Enrichment and Publications if you require to drop out and ask for the refund. *

Club Registration and Payment

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Club Confirmation Form

Is the form that will be given to students after the payment is completed. Parents need to be fully aware of the clubs that their child participates and sign on it. Homeroom teachers will collect the form from students and submit to office of Enrichment and Publication