BWYA Students’ Joyful Reunification

After countless days and nights of preparation, on May 11th, we finally enjoyed the long-awaited reunion and restarting of on-campus learning for the Grade 9 students. Under the beautiful blue summer sky, BWYA welcomed back our learners bringing life and vitality to their classrooms.

Safety first:
The first lesson back on campus

As the morning sun shone brightly down, students set foot on the BWYA campus again, signifying a great new start.

BWYA teachers, support and medical staff all arrived early to prepare for the return to school, and the students were all welcomed by our secondary school principals. Furthermore, Mr. Zhu Sheng, deputy head of Chaoyang District, Mr. Xiao Wen, head of Chaoyang District Education Bureau, and many other senior leaders and officials were also on hand to oversee the return, and ensure everything went to plan.

Secondary School Principal Robert Wang
Deputy-Principal Selena Wu
Welcoming students at the school entrance

Further temperature testing before entry into classrooms  

In the first class of this special semester, each homeroom teacher shared epidemic prevention information, along with all precautions being taken on campus to improve students’ awareness and understanding of their own hygiene and safety.

An important lesson

Students conduct epidemic prevention drills

Campus life restarts:
Great learning on and offline

Although the one-metre safety distance is maintained at all times, the students were very happy to be back on their campus, and see their long-separated classmates and teachers. After many weeks of separation, it was a great moment of thankfulness and joy.

One-metre safety distancing
Teachers and students wearing masks at all times

With the students back on campus, everything in many ways went back to normal. Giving both face-to-face instruction in the classroom, and also providing a video link for those presently unable to return to school, all were able to enjoy the quality classroom atmosphere and excellent learning experience.

Teachers and students share their feelings
about being back on campus

Campus life has restarted! Although masks and safety distancing may be in place, growth continues unabated. We are also making the preparations for other grades to return to school, and are eagerly looking forward to further reunion with the BWYA family.

Welcome Back Wolves!