BWYA Sports Days

As the summer sun begins to show her face, the annual BWYA sports days have now drawn to an end. 

The theme of this year’s sports days was enjoying sports together. All the games were inclusive, and enabled every student to enjoy joining in. Warming up with a dance all the primary school students had learnt, the students quickly got into their active states, ready for fun and joy! 

At the conclusion of the primary school sporting highlight of the year, Primary School Sports Director, Nabil Zafati, shared his pride at all the students’ achievements and effort with us, “I’m really happy all the kids were able to have lots of fun, they showed great skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. Throughout the year they’ve been displaying great spirit in their PE classes, and it was wonderful to see them eager to share that with their peers, teachers and parents today! We’re always in the pursuit of their success and happiness.” 

After the primary school events, the secondary school had a focus on team sports, with dodgeball, chuckball, ‘pirate’s treasure’, and 4-sided handball all displaying the importance of cooperation. As the afternoon went on, all the teams quickly learned how best to play to every member’s strengths, and achieve the best outcome.

In the end, after the intense and quality competition, for the upper primary school it was the Blue Team who were crowned winners. Following this, and perhaps inspired by their classmates’ success, the secondary school Blue Team also took home the secondary school trophy this week!