BWYA is very proud to announce we have had an excellent year with our IB Diploma students! Our school average was 35 out of 45, well over the global average of 29.78. Over half of our DP students achieved a grade 7 in at least one of their subjects, with a quarter receiving grade 7 in at least threeThe mean scores for higher level mathematics and chemistry were particularly impressive – 6.56 and 6.29 respectively (7 being the highest grade). 

Richard Ambler, IB Diploma Coordinator commented, “We are very proud of our Class of 2018! With a 98% pass rate and a quarter of our IB Diploma students receiving 40 or more points, the Class of 2018 has in many respects been the strongest cohort we have had. We are sure that they will continue to find success in their future endeavours and we look forward to hearing many good things about their further achievements!”

Three of our students, Charlotte Tian, Chan Young Park, and Chun Beum Park, achieved an extraordinary 43 out of 45. All of the 12 students who received 40 or more points are being awarded with our special scholarship programme for their further education.

With 17 years of IB teaching experience, and incorporating different curricula for all our students’ needs, we are confident BWYA will maintain these high standards of education and achievement into the future, for all our students, throughout the entire school. We’re already excited about this academic year! 

The IB programme was managed and designed in 1968 by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, in Geneva, Switzerland. To date, more than 4,000 schools have opened IB courses in 152 different countries. Recognised by universities around the world, with a truly borderless international programme, IB is increasingly being favoured by more and more schools and parents.  

Today, there are 134 Chinese IB schools, including 102 IBDP-certified schools. The number of Chinese students taking the test in 2018 reached 4011, an increase of 8.4%. Around the world, in 2018, 186 students received full marks (45 points), and the average global IB score was 29.78, pass rate is 77.71%.