Your guide to applying to BWYA

Beijing World Youth Academy (BWYA) holds a non-discriminatory admissions policy for both the expatriate and local communities. We seek to offer equal educational opportunities for those who are qualified and competent to meet the demands of our programmes. A qualified candidate is one who is able to prove the ability to achieve success in the school’s international programmes in English or Chinese university preparatory programme.

BWYA accepts enrolling students up to the end of December. Students who wish to transition from overseas may be given special permission from the Academic Principal of each campus to enroll at a later date.

BWYA provides English instruction education regardless of the programme. At BWYA students learn an international curriculum in English; we are not an English conversation school. Parents are to note that transferring between Chinese and International school curricula means broad changes in instructional and learning styles, curricular delivery, assessment styles and engagement of students and parents. It may be the case that returning to Chinese educational institutions, after extended time in international schools, may result in a difference of knowledge and skills. With your child, please strongly consider the implications of these changes, as well as your child’s intended educational goals when you consider changing schools. Whenever transitioning between schools, parents are reminded to complete the government required registration procedures.

In accordance with Chinese government mandates, BWYA includes Chinese language, Chinese History, and Moral education utilizing government provided textbooks from grades 1 to 9. BWYA is proud of its commitment to mother tongue and bilingual learning offering.

In order to help both students and parents become successful at BWYA, prior to the beginning of class, each new student and parent will be guided through the induction process for their pertinent grade. Both students and parents are expected to continue their understanding of BWYA procedures through school provided seminars and information released on our Managebac administrative service.

Students enrolling in BWYA will be placed in grades appropriate to their ages as of September 1st and previously completed education. Based on aptitude tests and assessments, students in secondary school are assigned to ability-based levels for some courses. This leveling of students is modified according to success criteria only at specific times during the year.

Students who wish to enroll at BWYA should contact for more information. Waiting lists for enrollment are available for both admission testing and placement.


Apply at (Please use the latest version of the Firefox browser to fill in the application form).


  • Please call 6470 6336 ext. 8785/8786 (Primary) / ext. 8085/8086 (Secondary) or contact (Primary) (Secondary) to check if the online application has been successfully received.

  • Parents who have successfully submitted the online applications will be invited to visit the school at a designated time.


Parent is to submit the following documents in person at Wangjing Campus:

  • Photocopies of identity card/passport of parents and student.

  • Photocopies of the household registration book (for local students).

  • Photocopies of report cards from past two years.

  • Teacher’s recommendation letter from student’s current school.

  • Three 1-inch photos.

  • Application fee


The Admissions Office will inform the applicant of the date and time of the entrance test via email.


  • The results of the written test will be sent to the parents of applicant through email.

  • The date and time of interview will be given.


Upon completion of the interview, a Letter of Acceptance will be given to successful applicants.


  • School fees must be paid by the date indicated on the invoice.

  • Seats will not be reserved for the applicants who have failed to pay their fees.


  • The Admissions Office will notify the applicants of the date and time of New Students Orientation through email. Please check your email regularly.

The school can only offer places to students with mild learning difficulties. Where possible, any difficulties that are known must be declared so that individual needs can be assessed and support can be determined and arranged.

If neither parent resides in Beijing, a legally appointed guardian must reside with the student in Beijing, and a guardianship contract in the Chinese language should be signed and notarized. The school can assist in obtaining a residence permit for those who require a student visa.


If you are interested in enrolling your child at BWYA, please contact our Admissions Office.
We would be pleased to assist you through the application process.