ACAMIS Service Learning Grant

For two years in a row, BWYA students have won the prestigious ACAMIS Service Learning Grant. This year, from amongst the many applicants BWYA DP1 students, Candy Li and Bella Dong, stood out for their leadership, innovation, and contributions to the community, with their Migrant Children Foundation proposal.

The Service Learning Grant recognises students who have designed unique projects, services, and activities for their schools and communities, demonstrating their leadership, creativity, academic and social skills, as well as teamwork. 

As BWYA’s MCF (Migrant Children Foundation) club leaders, Candy and Bella have been going to a local migrant school every Saturday, come rain or shine, for nearly two years. The three-hour round trip brings them to the school in time for a 9:30 start, with the club offering tuition in sciences, Chinese calligraphy, music, English, art, street dance, and film. Their desire is simply to bring more educational resources and happiness to the children. All of the $1000 grant will be used to improve the learning environment and experience at the migrant school.

This March 2nd, at the ACAMIS annual meeting, our school was honoured to be presented with this award. Raising up a generation of young leaders who are innovative and care about those around them is one of our goals as a school. So to our students we say, ‘Keep up the good work, BWYA is proud of you!’

*ACAMIS: Association of China and Mongolia International Schools