A Busy Week at the Primary School

Hooray for Reading

In keeping with the now long-standing tradition, this Wednesday saw our upper primary students dressed up to the nines as their favourite storybook characters, celebrating the annual Hooray for Reading. Refusing to be outdone, the day after our lower primary school also got in on the act, with reading activities in the afternoon. 

As increasing numbers of studies point out, reading ability in early years is one of the key predictors for future achievement in secondary, further education, and working life. Fortunately, recent testing has shown at the lower and upper primary school, our students are on average reading at a level a year ahead of their peers around the world. 

Club Fair

After the reading themed days, but continuing in the theme of exciting education, our primary school club fair was held on Thursday afternoon, introducing the 33 clubs to our students. As always, the range of clubs on offer was expansive and full, ensuring there’s something for everyone!