Last Friday (September 7th), the BWYA Scholarship Award Ceremony was successfully held at our Wangjing Campus. For the BWYA community, this is a great day worth celebrating. This year’s ceremony was particularly joyful, with the total number of winners reaching the highest number since BWYA was established in 2001. A total of 40 students in grades 9-12, won the BWYA Scholarship Award, totalling 738,000 RMB, in other words – one out of every six students received an award. 

To give recognition to our students’ outstanding performance and achievements, every year BWYA conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the students in grades 9 to 12 selecting candidates for our scholarship programme. Then, according to their performance, we will issue first, second, and third-tier scholarships. Each recipient will not only have achieved high scores academically, but must also have demonstrated their commitment to the BWYA community – through active participation and contributions to the school. 

So this pride and joy not only belongs to the award-winners, but to the whole BWYA community! As well as these students, we also applaud the teachers who work so hard and skilfully behind the scenes.