The BWYA Wolves represent our sports and athletics programmes

The BWYA Wolves represent our sports and athletics programmes and here at BWYA we have the facilities and equipment to help you make the most of your abilities, whatever your level.

And last but by no means least, the BWYA Wolves celebrate sports day every October with games and events for all ages and abilities.

We compete in the Beijing-Tianjin International Schools Athletics Conference (ISAC) which sees the best teams regularly play each other in basketball, football and volleyball, as well as one-off tournaments and events in sports such as swimming, track and field, table tennis and badminton.

Will your team be crowned this year’s sports day champions?

  • 30 Tue
    Wolves First Season Roundup
    Wolves Sports
    As winter approaches, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the highlights from the first sports season of this academic year. First, let’s run after our cross-country team into th...
  • 03 Fri
    Wolves Athletics October Roundup
    UncategorizedWolves Sports
    It has been an all action month for the BWYA Wolves Athletics teams this month. On Saturday, 14th October, BWYA hosted the ISAC U19 Boys Volleyball tournament with the Wolves coming in a cre...
  • 03 Fri
    Football Season Finales
    Wolves Sports
    It was a big weekend for BWYA’s U13 and U14 footballers, with both boys and girls in action in their respective ISAC final tournaments on Saturday, 21st October. The BWYA Wolves U13 boy...
  • 03 Fri
    BWYA Wolves Reach New heights
    Wolves Sports
    BWYA’s new climbing team takes part in its first competition BWYA’s newly formed Climbing Team rose above the competition at the Beijing International School Climbing Championship (BI...
  • 03 Fri
    Good Sports
    Wolves Sports
    Staff and students from BWYA’s IB and IN schools came together on Saturday for one of the highlights of the Wolves Athletics programme – Sports Day 2017. Students competed in their ho...
  • 22 Thu
    Wolves Sports
    It may have been a summer of Olympic success and European Football, but the eyes of the sports world will be on BWYA next month as Sports Day 2016 kicks off on Monday, 3rd October. Our Pr...
  • 14 Wed
    Wolves Sports
    The new school year may still be less than a month old but it’s been a busy time for the BWYA Wolves sports teams. This season, our under 14 boys and girls footballers, and under 19 boy...
  • 04 Wed
    Wolves Sports
    The BWYA Wolves U14 and U13 football teams travelled to three tournaments to finish off their season recently, and brought home two trophies to cap it all. The U14 boys and U14 girls were...


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