Providing your child all the support they need.

University Counselling

Deciding on which university is best for your child, and then navigating through the applications process, is a challenge for any parent,so here at BWYA we have a dedicated, full-time University Counsellor who is available to offer advice and guidance throughout the process.

Mr Abdul Oladipo has been BWYA’s University Counsellor since 2017, helping students to secure university places in the US, UK, Canada, Korea, and beyond.  Before joined BWYA in 2011, he worked for the Manchester Metropolitan University in the International Students Department.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, master’s in International Business Management, and a Post-graduate Certificate of Business Education and I.T. from the Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). He has also represented BWYA at the International Association for College Admission Counselling annual conference.

Mr John Stephens is the newest addition to BWYA’s University Counselling team. He comes to us from Sunny-Southern California, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English Education, coupled with a master’s degree in Education, Administration, and Counselling. Mr Stephens has taught secondary English for fourteen years, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and creative expression, which he now incorporates into his counselling practices. His most recent posting was also as a University Counsellor at a secondary school, where he assisted numerous students in acquiring admission to highly ranked universities across Asia and North America. He is a dedicated professional who is determined to see our wonderful children here at BWYA succeed.

Mr Oladipo and Mr Stephens begin working with students in Grade 9, to help them and their parents be fully prepared and competitive when the application process begins.

Our University Counsellors also host parent’s events throughout the school year. Keep an eye on our school calendar and community news for the latest. You can also see the recent academic achievements of BWYA’s students, as well as find a list of universities that our graduates have gone on to attend, by viewing our latest Academic Profile.

Student Counselling

Whether you are a parent or student, we all need someone we can talk to from time to time and BWYA’s full-time specialist Student Counsellors are available for the entire BWYA community.

BWYA provides professional counselling services for students and parents. The goal of school counselling is to enable students to build self-esteem and essential life-coping skills, preparing them to manage life’s major transitions and achieve their goals, living to the fullest. BWYA’s counselling team offers services in both English and Chinese. School counselling is a confidential service.

Our experienced school counsellors offer quality counselling services to support students’ various needs, including emotional, social, and behavioural; guiding students to manage difficulties that may otherwise prevent them from achieving their personal and/or academic potential. They also work closely with teachers and parents to offer comprehensive support for students.

It often takes courage for a student to face up to difficulties and talk about their problems with family members, teachers, or friends. School counsellors offer a safe and non-judgmental counselling environment for students. Students therefore often feel more confident and empowered to share their feelings, as well as explore concerning issues with them.

We also fully acknowledge the important role of parents in supporting students’ mental well-being and being a part of successful counselling. Therefore, we encourage the active participation of parents in the counselling process. Parents may also seek advice from school counsellors about their child’s school progress and educational options, including access to special education services.


If you are interested in enrolling your child at BWYA, please contact us to
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