On 21st November, members of BWYA’s Model United Nations (MUN) Club traveled to Singapore for The Hague International MUN (THIMUN). Here, students Cherry Yan and Penelope Zhang, blog about their experiences.

The Globe Through Singapore

Writer: Cherry Yan (Club Member)

Edited by: Penelope Zhang

From 19th to 25th of November, BWYA sent twelve student delegates from the MUN Club to Singapore, in the participation of its annual “The Hague International Model United Nations” (THIMUN).

The conference drew more than 1,500 students from major international schools across Asia. Representing India and France, BWYA delegates, who represented India and France, joined in separate committees as members of the General Assemblies (GAs), the Human Right Council (HRC), and the Security Council for four days at HwaChong Institute. Some of them participated in more than one committee, others represented their countries by themselves.


BWYA was specially recognized for its excellence this year. Out of 12 delegates, Penelope Zhang, representing France, submitted a resolution* that has been debated up to four hours, many have main co-submitted a Draft Resolution that has eventually been approved, at least 5 have submitted amendments, and all have actively made Points of Information (POIs) and speeches for or against any resolution whenever possible.

THIMUN 2017 has been the first international conference at which Grade 10 students Spring Xia and Amanda Zhang have double-entered in the Security Council. “It was tough,” said Amanda, “delegates in the Security Council are more aggressive than those in some of the general assemblies. Their questions are trickier to answer; they will slam your draft resolution directly if your word choice in your speech is inaccurate. Also, the veto power is powerful yet detrimental.” Nevertheless, the delegates stood firmly to their resolutions and debated over aspects that could have made their positions less relatable. Eventually, the clauses that they wrote all passed.

The second General Assembly (Economic and Financial Committee) enrolled up to 150 delegates. Among the resolutions being debated, the one submitted by our student, Penelope Zhang, has been the most elaborated, therefore four hours have been spent on debating her resolution. Although it has not been passed eventually due to minimal votes against, Zhang said there are still prospects. “I am honored to see my draft resolution being debated for two days, four hours in total,. It tells me that my effort has been recognized. I am sure that a little discouragement will become my force to become better next time,” Zhang said.

The annual THIMUN Conference delivered its wholehearted welcoming to delegates of both old and new. Seven students of BWYA newly joined the conference, entering with equivalent anticipation and determination as for their rejoining peers.

Delegate Cherry Yan in GA6 revealed her thoughts about THIMUN, the very first MUN Conference she has ever attended. She called it a “blessing” to be chosen as the main co-submitter of the very first resolution she submitted to the group and is also delighted to express her happiness when it has been passed. “I’ve never attended any MUN conferences before. But I was able to make one speech and 30 POIs by the end of the conference, and I was the co-submitter.”

Yan also expressed her observation towards MUN. “I think some of the delegates in MUN are not following the charters of the United Nations and sometimes votes can even be controlled by threatening notes between delegates, at least in our committee.” Nevertheless, she said she looks forward to join in future conferences, adding that it is a platform for interacting with a range of people.

Another BWYA delegate Selina Zhao said she made a huge improvement in English communication after the THIMUN Conference. Prior to it, she used to sit quietly at her desk whenever debating a sample resolution in the club, hindered by fear and limited English. However, after the conference, not only is she able to make POIs to other more experienced delegates, but also able to speak more actively in club sessions, especially when making speeches. “My English is not perfect, but after THIMUN, I am not afraid to speak,” said she.

Additionally, BWYA’s Model United Nations Directors Ms. Sophie Lauratet, Ms. Cosmina Lacsu, and accompanying teacher Ms. Julia Zhu were recognized for their aid to the students over the one week in Singapore. All delegates proved that not only do BWYA students succeed, but also reflect on their errors, and eagerly strive to improve in the future.


*A draft resolution is a formal text proposed by a group of MUN delegates, in which specific actions used to resolve the issue are explicitly elucidated.

*(Note: Main submitter and Co-submitter of a resolution is similar to the leader and co-leader of a big group of approximately 10-15 people)

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BWYA Reporting: Student Delegates on Their Model United Nations Experience in Singapore