When choosing which school is the right one for your family it is important to talk to, and get opinions from, a wide range of experts.
And who better to talk to than previous graduates.

Parent Testimonials

“My daughter Sydney started at 7th grade in BWYA and now is in 11th grade. She has made huge progress for the past few years. She has learned to manage her time wisely and become more confident in both academic and social life. Due to its close-knit community, BWYA allows more interaction between students and teachers as well as among students themselves. It offers more opportunities for students to be involved in governing themselves. School management is easily accessible and responsive.

“The school provides a wide range of clubs and activities for students to get involved with and my daughter is an active participant on the school student council, which she thoroughly enjoys and which gives her an opportunity to develop away from the classroom. One of my favourite moments is watching my daughter acting as an interpreter in school meetings. BWYA provides excellent Chinese education in addition to their great IB English curriculum.”

Li Li, mother of Sydney (grade 12)

“We began the process of finding a school for our daughter five years ago, and after doing a lot of research about international schools in Beijing we chose BWYA because of the programmes it offers and its history.

“My daughter always says that she likes BWYA because of its harmonious atmosphere and because it feels like one big family. There is a diverse group of teachers and students who all get along together, integrating their cultural differences to inspire each other and share experiences.

“The IB programme can be tough some times, but every year I see her flourish and grow, not only academically, but also at a personal level. She is also becoming more and more passionate about her community and how she can make a positive contribution to it.”

Rebecca Cheung, mother of Flora (BWYA Class of 2017)

Alumni testimonials

“Before graduating as part of the Class of 2016, I spent seven years at BWYA.

“There have been a lot of memories, a lot of laughter, and a few tears along the way! Everything has changed a lot throughout the years but they have made my experience at BWYA very memorable and happy.

“The subjects I chose for my IB Diploma helped me to enjoy my high school life because I had the freedom to choose the subjects that I am passionate about. This made my learning experiences enjoyable and made school fun. I was involved in the Student Council and school musical, so I had the opportunity to communicate with many people and make friends around the school.”

Sky Yang, BWYA Class of 2016 and now studying biophysics at the University of California, San Diego, USA. This interview first featured in Littlestars Magazine. You can read the full version here.

“I studied at BWYA for six years before graduating this summer. I think it is wonderful to have seen myself grow and change so much together with my classmates. We were young, we didn’t always get things right, but we pushed through together.

“I do think the international school education teaches you how to deal with your life in the future. It focuses on both study and extra-curricular activities and the projects and investigations are intended to let us learn for ourselves. I have learnt to think by myself and come up with my own questions, which gave me the motivation to acquire knowledge.”

Carmen Li, BWYA Class of 2016 and now studying computer science at St Andrew’s University, UK. This interview first featured in Littlestars Magazine. You can read the full version here.


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