BWYA’s Student Councils represent the voice of our students and arrange some of the most important events in our calendar

BWYA’s Student Council is an elected group of students who help the School’s administration and teaching staff to run school events such as our annual Sports Day and May Fair.

The Student Council also acts as the ‘voice’ of BWYA students, acting as a go-between for students and staff and giving students the opportunity to express their views and ideas for our school, as well as encouraging school spirit.

Students who would like to put themselves forward for the student council begin campaigning at the beginning of term each year, with elections taking place in September.

Secondary School 2018/19 Student Council

Spring Xia
Natalie Fang
Events Manager
Sofia Strelnikova
Grade 8 Representative
Stephanie Choi
Vice President
Terry Tang
Events Manager
Lindsay Li
Grade 8 Representative
Leah Park
Amanda Zhang
Public Relations
Tiffany Han
Maria Soobin
Public Relations


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